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Simplifying Wireless Services Deployment





Anodus Technologies has deployed over 500  wireless Point to Point and Point to Multipoint links. For typical installations...


Complete Portfolio of services with flexibility in engagement.

Abodus Technologies has the resources and the experience needed to deliver quality wireless installations no mater the size of the project.



Anodus Technologies can undertake projects at any phase of the deployment cycle and according to the customer’s predefined requirements. As an example in the case where the customer has done the design and selected the equipment vendor, Anodus Technologies, working with the customer, can supply miscellaneous parts and equipment as required, perform the installations, and complete the deployment.

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Anodus Technologies has the skills, the resources and the relationships to deliver turnkey end-to-end wireless projects of any size and at any location. We can review the requirement suggest the appropriate wireless solution and deliver the project within budget and timeframes agreed.

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If you lack the resources or the skills to execute any of the tasks in the deployment chain of wireless systems, Anodus Technologies can deliver and execute the task within the budget and schedules of your program.

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